Reading Al-Anon conference-approved literature is one of the great strengths of the Al-Anon program.

At Meetings
When you attend a meeting, you may find newcomers’ packets, free pamphlets, or copies of Al-Anon’s Forum monthly magazine. These are usually free for you to keep or borrow. They are a great way to learn more about the program. Some groups have books for borrowing, and several public libraries in Whatcom County carry Al-Anon books.

Daily Readers
Many Al-Anon members find steady support in one of our daily readers. The day’s readings are short, usually a page or less in length.

Further Reading
The Al-Anon World Service Office publishes many other books that address specific topics such as the Al-Anon path, marriage relationships, and so on. Copies of daily readers and other useful books are at most meetings for purchase, and we encourage you to support the group you meet with by buying your Al-Anon conference-approved literature through them. If they don’t currently have a book you want, they can order it for you.

If purchasing literature at a meeting is not possible for you, please use the order form and mail it with payment to the District 25 literature coordinator at the address on the form.



Browse the Al-Anon catalog of conference-approved literature.